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# 1 Intermittent Vendor UI Bug
01-03-2013, 10:06 PM
I have been observing a serious Vendor UI bug that has been causing me to buy the wrong item from vendors. For myself this bug triggers most frequently when I am buying from Commodities Broker Fhoss in ESD and from my own Replicator, but I presume it is also happening on other vendors as seem they share a similar user interface.

Sidenote: This bug is intermittent and I cannot consistently replicate it, but I have observed that it happens more frequently when I am purchasing something immediately after logging into STO. Hopefully that's a useful clue for the UI devs to figure out what's wrong.

Steps to replicate (intermittently occurs 1 in 30-50 attempts, possibly just after logging in):
1. Press "I" to open Inventory.
2. Press the "Replicator" button to bring up the Replicator vendor.
3. Scroll down and select "Self Sealing Stem Bolts". (The bug usually happens when I'm buying stem bolts for personal reputation projects, but I've also observed it happening for all items)
4. Click the "Replicate" button to bring up the modal Buy dialog. By modal, I mean the rest of the screen is darkened and the player should only be able to interact with the Buy dialog.
5. The buy dialog should ask "How many Self Sealing Stem Bolts?". Select a quantity to purchase (optional step, I am not certain if this contributes to the bug)

Intermittent Bug occurs here: I am not touching the mouse or keyboard, but suddenly the item I have selected to purchase gets unselected and the item below it gets selected. Eg, if I had selected "Self Sealing Stem Bolts", "Industrial Replicators" will be selected without me touching the UI. The Buy dialog itself is still asking "How many Self Sealing Stem Bolts?". If the bug happens at this stage, the player still has a chance to click "Cancel" and reselect the correct item to purchase if they noticed the change.

However.... this bug can also happen during step 6 below, after I have clicked the "OK" button. In the split-second before the purchased item appears in my inventory, I have seen Self Sealing Stem Bolts get changed to Industrial Replicators and Industrial Replicators appear in my inventory. (This may indicate some sort of lag-related/race-condition issue)

6. Click "OK". What should happen next is that energy credits should get deducted, and Self Sealing Stem Bolts should appear in my inventory. Instead, I see Industrial Replicators appear in my inventory.
7. Close the Replicator window (I am adding this step because I have never observed the bug happening on a 2nd purchase, so during testing please re-open the Replicator/Vendor window before doing further tests)


On a related note (and possibly separate UI bug), I have noticed that I can still use my mousewheel to scroll up and down through the contents in the Replicator window while in steps 4 & 5 when the modal Buy dialog has popped up and the rest of the screen is darkened.
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