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Originally Posted by commadorebob View Post
Heh, CSE was the first Elite I ever got the optional on.
CSN was my first STF ever, CSE is my favorite of all. I think we may need to drag these scaredy cats through a CSE. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? >:>)

Once you know how to do an STF it's not so bad. I did KASN one time and decided I'd come back to it later. I read the guide for KASE, then a few weeks later my friend asks if I want to do one with her. So on my second run of KA space, we not only succeed but I was the person leading it.

I found out what happens when you stop moving during KASE after Donatra cloaks, and then are too startled to react when she decloaks behind you a few seconds later, green lines streaming. Yeah. Instadeath. Couple days ago.

Breen ships are out in force.

Drozana is still a nuthouse.

Epohh season!

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