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The same places you get them on the Fed side.
The Exchange, for example. It's in the south-east of Qo'noS, among other places.

__I misread it as "where do I get a new ship". Old post below__

At the shipyard, bek.
You might need to talk to Chancellor Jimpok about your promotion first to receive a starship requisition point.

You can reach the shipyard from the transporter room in Qo'noS by talking to the transporter petaQ:
Just press your use key when you stand on the teleporter platform.
You can also reach the shipyard by flying up to it in Qo'noS System.
It's that big space station in orbit around the planet.

At the shipyard you'll have to speak to Bekk Strenn.
Also known as "Ship and Shuttle Requisitions".

Qapla' warrior.

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