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Originally Posted by cryox1 View Post
The Fleet shields are exactly as superb,ultra rare,hard to get shields should be!
Are they the best shields currently attainable? Yes they are.
That is why they realy should be distinct with unique abilities.
I use them and still go down.Perhaps a little harder than with a different shield but i definitely loose shield integrity in battle and eventually go boom.Players that are using it are killable too.
Perhaps a little harder to kill but they will go down eventually.
I dont need number crunching.Its simply the "feel" for me.
The t4 passive was indeed an issue as killing and being killed was almost impossible.
Now that it was fixed i realy see no issue whatsoever with the Elite Fleet Shields.
Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
Thank you for the feedback. We'll be considerably adjusting the effect of these shields soon.

Currently, we are testing the shields internally with a maximum of 10 stacks at 2% resistance per stack. (50% chance to gain a stack each time you get hit by a particular damage type.)

These numbers are still subject to change at any time.
I'm not used to whine too much in this forums; however, I shall agree with cryox1 about Fleet shields. Fleet contents costs huge amounts of resources and in-game currencies since the whole Starbase and Embassy concepts were developed as sinks for resources. As conseguence, the items, weapons, DOFFs, Ships, etc. available from Fleet Stores must be the TOP of TOP available in-game (even superior to items, weapons, etc...available from Reputation stores)! So, if a No-Fleet weapons/shields/etc player came against a player equipped with Fleet weapons/shields/etc the No-Fleet guy SHALL be OPed by the Fleet one (in reality this should not be intended as a faulty game mechanics but simply because of superior firepower)! The frame of mind the same of PowerPlayers around scores of RPGs around the world, in Nation-building & Geopolitical RPGs is called the "Patrol Boat Syndrome"...since players with Navies composed of a bunch of patrol boats armed only with MGs always complains about their failure to wholly destroy an opponent CVBG or Combined Fleet!!!
PowerPlayers should have no place here!!

Dear archoncryptic & fellows DEVs,

i really appreciate your listing to community mouths however, the real reason i don't like to much playing PvP is the costant nerfing of weapons/shields/consoles/etc that you do following a lot of whining from PowerPlayers. I can understand sometime bugs can really OP some players...just as some passive skills from Personal Reputation did. However, things bought from exclusive stores like the Fleet & Embassy stores shouldn't be nerfed to address complains from Players who are not willing to invest dilithium & fleet marks into!
What killed & is still killing PvP is the constant nerfing you're doing to weapons/shields/consoles/etc!
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