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01-04-2013, 01:12 AM
Originally Posted by veradodan View Post

i really appreciate your listing to community mouths however, the real reason i don't like to much playing PvP is the costant nerfing of weapons/shields/consoles/etc that you do following a lot of whining from PowerPlayers. I can understand sometime bugs can really OP some players...just as some passive skills from Personal Reputation did. However, things bought from exclusive stores like the Fleet & Embassy stores shouldn't be nerfed to address complains from Players who are not willing to invest dilithium & fleet marks into!
What killed & is still killing PvP is the constant nerfing you're doing to weapons/shields/consoles/etc!
So, you don't like PVP because you must rely on skills instead of OP gear? Cool story bro xD

Elite fleet shields are rare for the moment (nah, not really ). In half a year every wannabee kirker and his dog will have the shield. Dill and fleet marks gathering is easy. Boring but easy.

I hope Cryptic will get a better Q&A so that they don't have to nerf new equip/skills/passives etc