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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Problem comes the "pounding" with that ship weaponry would had left nothing behind, instead San Fransisco was just bombed.

Its inconsistent, granted its already inconsistent in the series as how they go there and managed to do so little damage compared what a Starship could do.
The damage was already ridicilously low compared to what modern artillery could do.
But given the laughably low firepower the Borg sphere had in "First Contact" it's at least constent to some degree.
I think this is a problem that stems from the B&B era where a direct shot from a deadly weapon was something people could just walk off.
This was transferred into the space battles as well.

According to the novel the Breen managed to do this with three ships (which is at least not contradicted by canon) and it's even mentioned in the book that their firepower is rather weak.

"How did they get past our defenses?"
"A few ways, I'd guess", Amarante offered, and Picard listened with some interest to her theories. "First, notice that they're using conventional and rather weak plasma weapons. More high energy phasers or phton torpedoes would have been impossible to hide from scans at checkpoints[...]"

So in soft-canon there's at least an explanation where canon leaves use guessing why they didn't just use the equivalent of a few tactical nukes to turn the area into a crater.