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01-04-2013, 02:39 AM
I cannot vote for STO!

I really like the game, but the game has some serious flaws. Take leveling. I just leveled from lvl 25 to 27 by only doing some patrol missions in 2,5 hours. Also in overall, leveling is going too fast. I pay for my ships, my last one is the advanced heavy cruiser for less then a week and knowing i will reach level 30 very soon this weekend, it feels to short to go the next tier of ships.

Also to command a ship in star trek you need to be a captain! Now to be admiral higher rank to unlock the tier 5 ships feels very weird. So i propose to implement a new leveling system not based on rank but on certain expertise or competence in areas x,y and z for example. meaning for tier 5 i need this kind of eng, sci and tac skills, these kind of ship knowledge, these kind of battle experience, these kind of knowledge about races and star systems. I hope and wish you guys from Cryptic can understand what i mean and start thinking about how to create more depth in leveling system.