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Originally Posted by cliftona91 View Post
On paper, it may seem that way. But the little escort can take nearly as good of a beating as the Patrol Escort. Sure, it has weaker hull, but if you think about it, these days, a few thousand extra hull is nothing when under fire by multiple ships.
nearly as good is not as good as well as good and because of the rapid advancement of players forum hoping and getting their hands on end game builds without having the talent to back the builds then yes it diluted the game a bit... well a lot... it's like putting a sugar cube into a pitcher of sea water and wondering where the sweetness went.

Because of the affluence of the DHC's the player cure-all atm ships like the HEC and the Bug and the Defiant and such are getting these massive passes they don't really deserve. The Fleet defiant gets one shotted in Elite all the time when even in my measly little patrol escort, (I can't afford to get the Fleet patrol yet dam college and it's terrible ways) I have to be hit two-three times by her uber torps to be put down so that automatically pushes the defiant out of the race of sturdiest.

The Hec is not as good as players think it is. Because it can mount DJC's players can'd see it, and again it's a problem with the DHC's When you see players with what I like to all the active denial system (BFaW, wwhy do I call it this? It's actively denies plays to use stationable items on the field. IE Pet's Torps, mines, satellites) Because of the ability TO ME A PLAYER WITH BFaW is FAR more important then a player with rapid fire and DHC's (Is it true, not really, in one on ones DHC's will shred a soso player to a good player but to a player like me DHC's alone will not kill me but because they nerfed beams when befaw came out then my weapons will not actually kill you either so it will come to a draw if you are elite caliber in pvp. They are beginning to realize the mistakes they made with pvp and are releasing anti DHC weapons and items so keep that in mind.) But if they kill your pets you just saw them in half with your DHC's so you cant see how terrible and unbalanced it's layout is. The moment the pets ae gone the HEC try' to unsuccesfuly become a lowgrade escort.

But players take DHC's and let that be the be all cure and assume that blowing up is art of the territory, it shouldn't be. With my buld if i toss DHC's in her and remove my beams then i would be beyond uber.... I'd be like... what's a crazy cool word for my level....kittymomo? yeah, i'd be kittymomo level of awesome

but anywho, if you don't do pvp then i don't think you can call yourself elite because you don't know your weaknesses.. you have to est you weakness constantly and nothing quite scratches that itch gnawing at the back of your skull quite like pvp 1v1... am I bark or am I bite? Am I talented or am I a poser? Am I Me or am I you parading as me?