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Project Vitality was a Federation and Section 31 joint project with the sole purpose of creating "super-soldiers".

The project enabled scientists to use an updated DNA Augmentation process to genetically engineer subjects to give them heightened abilities, making them stronger and faster than normal.

The project was shut down when two of the first three subjects died from neural breakdown. The only successful subject of the project was David Gadley.

With the failure of the augmentation process on multiple subjects, the project lost all funding and backing from the Federation and Section 31.

Despite not getting the "army of soldiers" that they wanted out of the project, Admiral Quinn believed that the one successful subject was worth backing.

Admiral Quinn proposed the idea of giving David Gadley the command of a new prototype starship and an elite squad to be the Federation's "secret weapon". A ship and crew focused on special operations.

The Federation officials who knew about the project agreed to revive it for this new "second phase" once the subject completed training at Starfleet Academy.

David Gadley completed his Starfleet training and was given command of the prototype starship U.S.S. Nexus.

To: OP

I actually liked reading this background.

Yes, it's against Federation ethics to conduct genetic manipulation, yes, people have had serious penalties for being discovered being modified in such manner (Dr. Bashir of DS9), but in times of war dire straits call for desperate measures and S31 would not be beyond having such ideas to create their own special forces of augmented humans. They would be a great advantage in h2h combat with physically superior alien races, and do things that no unaugmented humans could do.

My take on this is that while DNA manipulation is a big no-no in the Federation, there have been much less disagreement with the subject of cybernetic enhancements. As powerful as 23-24th Century handheld tools and weapons are, imagine how much more effective they would be if they were to be integrated into a humanoid body and controlled via nervous impulses.

A human augmented in such a form in an advanced fashion will very much resemble a Deus Ex style operative that can both fit into "normal" society to gain HUMINT, but when in combat can turn into an almost unstoppable foe with cybernetically enhanced agility and survivability.

You could also have SCE augmented engineers that can pack light (having integrated tools at their disposal) and operate in harsh environments without the need for bulky envirosuits.

Just look at today's proposed infantry augmentation projects and how far we've gone in just a couple decades of conceptual research - with Star Trek levels of tech cybernetic augmentation could be easily implemented with little in the way of ethical dilemmas... or even be completely undetectable to untrained eyes (which suits S31's mission very well).
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