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01-04-2013, 03:53 AM
Originally Posted by veradodan View Post
I'm just contending the saying of the Fleet Shields being OPed or as you said "ridiculously unbalanced".
I'm not calling myself a Champion of PvP since i'm only used to do casual PvPing. I've a RL also - an hard one indeed - and to me such playing is ONLY a nice distraction to RL problems. I do my homework regularly: reading/learning tricks from "The Hilbert Guide", experimenting with builds and regularly asking/exchanging advice with opponents and fleet/team mates after matchs. I check my combat logs, also; however, not every combat log as Hilbert do.
Are you suggesting that since I'm actually unemployed I've no right do enjoy a few minutes or even an hour or PvPing? Or not have the right to voice an opinion you don't like?
Maybe I am not as powerful as some of players here - i'm used to be a SCI/healer - but, you're not entitled to be rude against people who are disagreeing with your views.
I'm being truthful, sorry if that offends those who disagree.

Those who want the Elite Shields to remain as is need them as a crutch because they can't play the game properly without them.

Anyone else wouldn't complain about the nerfing of the Elite Shields. In fact, almost everyone else agrees that Cryptic needs to reduce the effectiveness of the Elite Shields. No one should get the benefit of these shields as such a low cost to their build. It's a team game, and if people want to get hardened they should rely on their teammates to do so.

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