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01-04-2013, 02:55 AM
Im using mk XI assimilated set on my main char along with the assimilated module and cutting beam and a nice laser loadout onmy odyssy and I have no trouble with elite STF's.

My 2nd char has assimilated mk X gear on a warship with a pvp layout and is also now handling elite STF's with little or no trouble.

If you find your ship is decently equipped and yuour still dying all the time look at your bridge officer setup. Make sure its the most efficient for your ship.

I rarely die on STF's anymore with the exeption of thehive with the random ship blowig up 15k from the cannon whih shouldnt be possible and then a 2nd random blowup straight after as I am moving back to the cannon from the spawn spot and blowing u at 12k.....but apart fro that...handles fine...

Experience...knowledge...gear setup...BOFF setup.....check all these areas...if omething isnt right adjust it.

And in my opinion when I cn play elite STF's in assimilated MK X gear the difficulty really needs increasing.

Assimilated MK X should be a MINIMAL to keep you alive in the normal STF's.......