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01-04-2013, 03:01 AM
I have run into @Sprint01 before I left for vacation back in Sep / Oct, it's good to see a new, serious and successful RP effort ongoing.

Now, before I click in my application on your website I just want to make a couple enquiries first just so I can make sure my IC characters and myself can fit in properly.

1) I am pretty much a no nonsense STO player and I do not have much patience for "standard fare" ways to tackle ESTFs and other forms of gameplay. My characters innovate, to various means and ends dictated by their historical background. They innovate a lot, to the extent that elite STF fleets find me annoying (and wonder why a lone Tholian carrier can solo 5 elite tactical cubes on the HSE). Not my fault most of the "experts" of STO have closed their minds to tactical innovation - a trait that has kept the Federation alive for hundreds of years.

One is highly influenced by the Bajoran way of life, another is a covert Augment who finds it absurd that times of war allows her to circumvent certain aspects of Federation law (seriously, other RP guilds didn't even touch on this!). The Augment acts more like a Klingon (despite being human) due to interstellar trade experience pre-2409.

2) I enjoy telling war stories from an IC perspective to benefit new players, and I can do the same IC interaction in the middle of space combat missions. This means I can follow or lead IC space events without hindrance to STO gameplay. Infact RPed STFs are mighty fun and I did that for months in my own fleet - Redneck Academy (now defunct due to player disappointment with the game).

On the other hand, certain other "mature" fleet has had resorted to being internet bullies to stop me from RPing with new players (despite it being highly beneficial for fleet recruitment and great for pre-STF training) so I just want to have a feel for the organization before I join for real.

Once onboard I can act as a military secretary (I write AARs and stuff pretty well and also produce regular youtube videos given enough inspiration) or general frontline operative who kills stuff (ICly) without much social interests. And that should fit your premise of wartime RP, right?

Let me know if I have a place in the 26th, and I shall proceed to submit the application accordingly.
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