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Hello there. In the last couple of days, I was re-working my old Spanish mission, but since yesterday, each time I try to edit a dialog, it just crash to windows. Either on the story tab, the dialog tab, a promp dialog, a map dialog, when I try to edit it, it crash to windows. Some times, It directly crash to windows when I try to enter to the story tab.

The mission name is: Rodeados (ST-HMHR2QX8M)
Author: Cerritouru
This is, at least I think, a really complex mission that for example, takes 40 minutes to be publish, it has a 6 costume and big maps, with a lot of dialogs, extra missions and alternative paths and objectives.

Ive try to re install the game and nothing.
Ive try with other less complex missions and they work with out a problem.
Ive try to publish the mission and it publish well, but I still cant edit it!
Ive try to import the mission and see what happened to the copy, and it crash to windows like the original.
Ive try to delete my foundry character and make a new one, and is still the same.

The interesting thing, is that its started yesterday, and I only introduced a NPC on one of the maps. I try to the delete the NPC, hell.. I even delete all what I have done in the last week, and is the same.

I don?t know what else to do, but please, help me! This mission is a year work and I would hate to loss it, and the old version is one of the most popular Spanish missions so it will be a loss for the hole Hispanic Community.

Please, to any dev of member of this foundry community, any help is more than welcome!


Division Hispana

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