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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
I'm being truthful, sorry if that offends those who disagree.

Those who want the Elite Shields to remain as is need them as a crutch because they can't play the game properly without them.

Anyone else wouldn't complain about the nerfing of the Elite Shields. In fact, almost everyone else agrees that Cryptic needs to reduce the effectiveness of the Elite Shields. No one should get the benefit of these shields as such a low cost to their build. It's a team game, and if people want to get hardened they should rely on their teammates to do so.
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I wasn't privy to the logs in our own test scenario but the raw numbers were telling of some ~25% flat damage reduction after resists, in comparison to a MACO equivalent.

Visually the test was far more incredible; a sustained attack at medium weapons power that had drained three full shield facings on the MACO candidate instead left the Elite shield candidate virtually untouched.
As I said earlier: i'm not a DPS dealer, I'm a healer (SCI). Maybe it depend on the ship I enjoy flying while PvPing: a Reconnaissance Science Vessel, Luna-class. Personnally, I've not noticed dramatic improvements over my MACO Shield with the Fleet Shields. I've both TSS and EPtS, and sometimes we need to cross-heal between healers. Often, I save my day with Evasive Manouvre & Ramming Speed. Maybe I've found not so worty opponents? Don't know. Surely, I'll further look into the issue and I'll not make a drama if some change in Fleet Shields occurs, but what I'm definetly against is the idea of MACOs being compulsory better or equivalent to Fleet's consoles/engines/deflectors/weapons/devices/etc.

Have a nice play!
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