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01-04-2013, 05:13 AM
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well you dont need to shoot at me. just tb me and watch me placate you with fed klink sheilds. its super bs and it was back then as well. with double placate i can tank even better now against premades. i ranted this when the new stf sets came out. was jumped on by many "top" pvp'ers. but this is not the only op setup. im rolling a new pvp tact. this time i have space passives. (jem is wasted on my main tact) i want to try the sheild passives with full mk12 borg set. the hit points of mk12 borg sheild comes out to mk12 maco sheild but with awesome regen added by the passive. i bet it will tank even better then standed maco.
The odds of a TB damage tic triggering the KHG shield placate is very low. It really isn't the same, and again I'm not defending it just pointing out it's not apples to apples to compared the CritH placate w/the the Shield's placate. TB and other Sci abilities can be applied much more easily to a target w/KHG than a target shooting you w/the rep system proc.

Also, fyi the original passive was a 10% defense boost it was than changed to the placate -ACC proc, since 30% potential defense boost w/Captain 2 part Aegis and KHG shields was seen as too much. I never did get why people didn't have issue w/the -ACC since imo it's more powerful than a brief placate.

The low regen w/the poor shield mods many of the KDF ships have makes this shield trash for many setups compared to other options. Imo, it'll be better on Fed ships w/the better shield mods and generally more team repairs available.