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Here is the biography of my "main" toon:

Treyven "The Raven" Corsey is a career Starfleet officer, following in the footsteps of many generations of Corseys who have served the United Federation of Planets. His father, Captain Sullivan Corsey of the U.S.S. Johnston, was killed in the battle of Wolf 359. His paternal grandfather, Carson Corsey, once served as the UFP's Ambassador to Rigel.

At 41 years old, he is one of the youngest Starfleet officers to reach the rank of Vice Admiral. Corsey's previous ship, the Odyssey Star Cruiser U.S.S. Storm Breaker, was destroyed in battle against the Borg while defending a small Federation colony. Corsey was the last member of the crew to leave the vessel, staying on board to draw the fire of the three Borg Cubes away from his crews escape pods.

*Starfleet Biographer's note: Corsey was determined to go down with his ship, following his father to the grave fighting against the Borg. His former First Officer, at great personal risk, beamed aboard, knocked Corsey unconscious and fled the ship, literally seconds before the massive vessels warp core went critical. The officer, since promoted to Captain of her own ship, maintains that Corsey, while being the best Captain she ever served under, has a death wish.*

Corsey, a deeply spiritual man, wrote the following after losing the U.S.S. Storm Breaker to the Borg:
"Almighty and most merciful Father, we humbly beseech Thee, of thy Great Goodness, to restrain our enemies from their terrible wickedness. Grant us victory in battle. Graciously harken to us as soldiers who call upon Thee that, armed with Thy power, we may advance across the Heavens from victory to victory, and crush the opression and wickedness of our enemies and establish Thy justice among men and worlds. Oh Lord, may all mine enemies perish in the Wake of the Red Witch. Amen."

Vice Admiral Corsey is currently assigned to the Omega Armada, where he serves with some of Starfleet's best officers. Few men have served with greater distinction.
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