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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
reading this thread just makes me want to say....

its all the pilot folks.

toys are toys....1 trick ponies every 3 minutes that i laugh off all the time....most pvp veterans in this game do....they are an annoyance at most....

gear will get you another 15% production out of your ship for any given combo....maybe 20% in some areas...this will also do nothing if you face someone who is a good pilot, and knows how to fly his ship, and when to use his powers against you.

have fun kill bad guys

-thrusters on full-
3 purple tech doffs w/aux2 batt will get you 30% off, much more if you run dual aux2batt or use abilities like RSP w/long cooldowns.

The KDF Vet ship can be run w/a passive +30 targeting, this allows running more CritH or CritD weapon procs. The shield Vamp is broken again and has it's cooldown reduced by Aux2batt. When compared to other destroyers is has a BC, I can't think of a non-Z store/fleet destoyer also. When compared to Raiders it's much more sturdy and has an extra weapon mount point. Not to say, particularly in tactical mode, it doesn't have drawbacks such as poor shield mods, but it's still an example of a ship that's clearly better.

Plas leech is an always on console, there are other consoles w/always on attributes now from the Ferengi store, there are Reputation consoles. These aren't time gated.

Piloting matters, but there has been a huge power creep and 15-20% is way low on min-maxing this stuff.