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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
3 purple tech doffs w/aux2 batt will get you 30% off, much more if you run dual aux2batt or use abilities like RSP w/long cooldowns.

The KDF Vet ship can be run w/a passive +30 targeting, this allows running more CritH or CritD weapon procs. The shield Vamp is broken again and has it's cooldown reduced by Aux2batt. When compared to other destroyers is has a BC, I can't think of a non-Z store/fleet destoyer also. When compared to Raiders it's much more sturdy and has an extra weapon mount point. Not to say, particularly in tactical mode, it doesn't have drawbacks such as poor shield mods, but it's still an example of a ship that's clearly better.

Plas leech is an always on console, there are other consoles w/always on attributes now from the Ferengi store, there are Reputation consoles. These aren't time gated.

Piloting matters, but there has been a huge power creep and 15-20% is way low on min-maxing this stuff.
I really really really don't want to give you to much traction here. I'll just agree with everything you say and then just let that go away. Like it never happened.

The vet ship CLEARLY is better.

There are ways to compete in PVP without any of that though. We can show you someone being competitive and having a good time in common gear. Not a huge deal. Do you get to do ANYTHING YOU WANT PEW PEW PEW for that. Not so much

But anywhere in life do you really get to do anything you want with little to no money down? And it works out well? Honest.

First off, and let's get back on topic, you get a wingman. You could get someone to fly with that knows more than you do. You could get help. It's an mmo.

Second you could learn a few things about the state of the game and defense/resistance and how to apply that to your ship.

So on the cheap you could maybe put together a Sci ship that was very sturdy and you could have a good time with because you wouldn't die right off the bat. Is that a bad thing? Maybe you don't WANT to fly a Sci ship forever, but is that to much to ask that maybe you start there and learn?

Please don't think this isn't possible, cause I'll just link ANOTHER boring video of a ship in all common gear, pleain t5, doing just that.

I think all these guys (and certainly myself) were saying is that not everyone feels the need to beat someone to death using "P2W" items. In my case thats strictly because I'm not bright enough to make them work. I'm sure those others COULD if they wanted. So people that DO enjoy that sort of behavior you may want to avoid for just those reasons and people that DON'T enjoy that sort of behavior you may want to seek out because they will likely assist you in learning about PVP.

There is an edge to that gear, but not as bad as you may think, and certainly not hard to counter. Please, get a wingman, and practice.

And zing I guess this sorta points back at pvp bootcamp etc.

And this isn't specially aimed at you, and the facts you brought up ARE facts no doubt. Just adding that in spite of those facts there are clear ways to overcome that gap.

Cheers and happy flying.

And Horizon....I WANT MY SOCKS BACK!

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