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01-04-2013, 06:23 AM
Wait.. you want less categories? The accolades already are a giant disorganized mess. The stuff is all over the place in a broken order, the lists for some are so horribly long it isn't funny. The whole game UI is disorganized though, from the exchange to the accolade system. Those lore accolades shouldn't be individually listed, they should be branched off so you can find them without scrolling past hundreds of items.

Lore-->2409/Romulan-->Volume X-->Chapter X
Damage accolades is a long list, so divide between damage types and receive/deal or the opposite

There should be a place for in progress accolades, so you can find them and work on them.

The foundry is a laggy UI disaster

The exchange, while improved, is still basic, and the category system is confusing, especially when many items don't really fit in those categories

The mission UI is organized really poorly, some borg red alerts are under event, some under areas, there is no consistency. Again, branching would make things 10x easier to red, sort and find, scrolling through screens and screens isn't a good idea.