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Ah, very nice! I wasn?t able to get online yesterday and was half-expecting this to be buried. It seems like we certainly have some people interested in the idea of doing a big group project so I think we should start getting some ideas together.

The first thing we need is a super secret headquarters/website where we can start hashing-out the details. I can throw together a cheapy wordpress site but I really think we need something where we can set-up a proper forum section to really get into this and I don?t think you can do that with those. If anyone knows more about this, which wouldn?t be hard, we should try to get started as soon as possible before losing steam.
There's a lot of places that will do this for free, and the great thing for something like this, you wouldn't really need a load of storage. I found, though, which is probably better than most free things out there. 400 mb of storage and unlimited traffic. If you ever need more space hosting cost is low. I believe they have forums too but if not, will get the job done and is pretty decent service too unless you want something more sophisticated, then I suggest and you're going to need to good hosting service that will support what PHPBB needs (I've used PHPBB before and I know there is a free host out there that will take it but I can't remember who).

If you want it secret, the website would be best used to share info on the Operation, and then you can shut people out of the forums easily to keep them away from stealing story ideas and such.

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^^^ this.

lets start with something small... like a single episode... then should that be a sucsess, we could move onto a 5 part series

of course we're going to need some poor sod to grind dilithium for this account so we can purchase more foundry slots
Grinding for Delithium is easy. Also, sometimes it takes more than one episode to get an idea across. One episode could be incomplete but the other would make it whole (think of it as 2 part episode on the TV series you love).
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