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01-04-2013, 06:52 AM
For those of you unaware, you CAN get Bacon in the game.

Currently, the most effective way is in Winter Wonderland. With some careful breeding, you can shove a nice plump Epohh into a little golden console (we refer to it as the 'Epohh Grinder' or 'Epohh Smoothie Machine') in the Pavilion, and it gives you EPOHH BACON! (and some other useless things like Romulan Marks, but who needs'em)

Naturally, with some DOFF crits, you can get P'epohh'mint flavored Epohh Bacon (not a fan myself, but whatever floats your Odyssey), and some Candy flavored Epohh Bacon (the kids like it).

So do your StarFleet duty...ignore those 'free-range' Epohhs on Mol'Rihan. Take advantage of the High volume production Q is temporarily providing at Winter Wonderland. Shove as many of those little fat furballs into the grinder as you can, and stock up on the Bacon. The magic ends on the 14th.
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