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Originally Posted by foundrelic View Post
You want to see something really weird?

Get on a cloakign Defiant and look at the bottom of the ship. The circle, the shuttle bay, has doors that LOOK like they were designed to open.
This is where they decided to have the shuttle bay on the show, so it would make sense that perhaps the designers had originally wanted it to work like that in the game before abandoning it.

The real problem with the Defiant is that nobody who was writing for DS9 or designing the sets or ships bothered to figure out how the thing was going to work before filming. Some of the original concept art has the bridge located in the front section of the ship (where the deflector is) and it could be jettisoned as a last resort to save the crew.

Another issue is the docking mechanism located somewhere in the main deflector because someone making decisions thought that it would look cool to have the ship docked nose first on DS9. It would make a lot more sense to have the ship docked by the aft section (and it even looks like we have a docking lock and door back there).

I will not get into any size and scale issues that the show presented, as most ships have serious issue there anyway. (I am looking at you Klingon Bird of Prey), so I will simply ignore that the in-game Defiant is bigger than it should be .

Anyway, the Defiant has some problems for interior design that begin with the TV show, and it already doesn?t make a whole lot of sense. The best we can do now for the game is fix it moving forward.