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*There is a buzz on his desk terminal Preston manipulates the monitor with a pinch of his fingers on a corner of it and pulls it up. *

Preston: Yes Falar ?

Falar: You have someone from the Republic here to see you and your appointment with the Klingons is later this evening.

Preston: Very well. You may go. I can handle these meetings. *As the monitor communication ends* That will be Sam Allington...feisty one she is.

*Lifts his mask visor and rubs his eyes his growing headache is becoming a migraine. *

*Hitting the sack and nursing a migraine going to be busy again tomorrow too so forgive me if I am dragging this along because I think its time we give some development to some of the characters. Giving a bit of respite between big things a bit.*
Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post

*Preston sits back in his office chair. He lets out a deep sigh. He remembers his discussion with the Klingon ambassadors. Which was bracing but yet fruitful. But his meeting with Sam Allington was a tad more interesting.*

*5 hours ago.*
OOC: Sorry, I was feeling ill yesterday and couldn't get on the pc.

*Sam enters Admiral Preston's Office.*

Sam: Admiral, I hear you were looking to speak to me?

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