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01-04-2013, 07:33 AM
If you have a limited time to play like I sometimes you may want to employ a strategy like mine. Right now I have a route that I follow to hit off a few major things I want to do if I only have 60-90 minutes to play. Usually I begin and end my play at Sol/ESD/SFA. Since I am doing colonial chains I head out there first(currently doing Arcanis) pick up a mission or two along the way. Then Tau Dewa to get my marks, make my way to Eta Eradani to do a few dil missions, off to Orellius for the same, then back towards Sirius/ESD picking up missions along the way usually ending up back at the security officer in ESD to turn in contraband. A lot of it is dumb luck and you end up online when so so doffs are up.

I too would like to see more assignment chains though. That seems like easy content to create -- would be especially nice to see some in Tau Dewa. Personally I'd like to see some more chains there for my bartender and chef. I have a bank account full of Klingon food that I bought too much of and don't have much of a need for anymore.