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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
Bold is mine. This reads like a burned out player after spending marathon sessions to get stuff for all the characters on an account.
Hmm... I can see how you might think that, but no - compared with others I'm a rank amateur - I only have three characters (1 x Fed, 2 x KDF) and they're all reached Tier 5 in the Rep system and my KDF Sci gets her Breen ship tomorrow.

Whilst I admit, I burned through the Rep system pretty quickly (and suffered the Patrol missions in Tau Dewa on a daily basis), the reasoning was pretty simple - all my characters have had so little new to do for so long now that the Rep system finally offered a few new shinies worth investing some time in.

I could've stretched it out and taken my time with it but honestly, all I would've been doing in the interim is playing the same old STFs with the same old ships and gear.

Now I've got the Adapted ground + space sets (mainly for the armor visuals although I do actually use the Adapted KHG on my Sci's Peghqu') as well as the Omega Torp and Kinetic Cutting Beam, some new Romulan [Acc]x2 DHCs and Turrets for my Kar'fi and the Hyper-Plasma torpedo launcher.

I've also bought some of the Borg prosthetic stuff for my Boffs (since I couldn't be bother to aquire it from Defera *shudder*) a Romulan rifle and a few other bits and pieces. The thing is, even with all these new(ish) toys, I'm still stuck playing the same STFs (much though I've enjoyed them in Seasons 6 and 7).

So really, there's nothing left for me to do now - I could grind yet more Dilithium for yet more weapons for yet another ship (Chel Grett) but without any engaging new content to use all this stuff in, it all seems a bit pointless.

I guess if the Reputation system actually equipped you for future challenges (STFs/missions/whatever) that were unlocked along the way then there'd feel like there's a point to it - but by the time you unlock the Mk XII gear you've already played the sparse new content through so many times that it all seems rather pointless.
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