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Originally Posted by avarseir View Post
So, I'm sure many of us have hit T5 rep in either Rom/Omega by now (I hit T5 for both factions yesterday), coincidentally the complaints about S7 on forums have significantly died down.. what happened guys?? Keep em coming!!

But honestly, I'm kinda liking the way things are now as compared to the old system. With Cryptic returning the dils for STFs and actually allowing BNPs/Marks to drop more randomly from STF loot has pretty much made it better.

Now, I had a shot at the Reman/Romulan set too. I hated the vault and hated that it was the only way to earn datalogs.

Dils is still a problem tho.. but its a minor problem with plethora of ways of earning it, the issue is just the time taken to earn it.

I do hate seeing so many in Elite Omega/Maco though, it used to be "exclusive" and "elitist" gear, now its everywhere. But that is a selfish view and definitely not good for the game's greater community.

So.. anyone else still not happy with the way things are now? I'm happy and giving Cryptic thumbs up!
Short answer...complaints died down beacuse most folks just gave up on it and left the game altogether.

This happens everytime when a new major "season" revision takes place. However, S7 was more of an outcry than previous "fixes" from other can also see the ZEN prices going way down since not many are playing and hording up dil for rep, starbase, embassy projects. After Q's exit in a couple of weeks there will be a notable visility of something similar like a "deserted" town...all it's left for Cryptic to entice "new" players since the old base is dwindlig. It happens more often than not and hopefully new players would offset those who leave...sad but true reality