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01-04-2013, 09:19 AM
There's certainly room for Cryptic to consider doing something to help players optimize their skills for more than one kind of game play scenario or role.

I would think of it as something more like a Captain adapting his tactics in different situations rather than a separate skill tree.

Something like a "Dual Build" or "Multi-Specialization" would let players adapt to a couple of different roles without necessarily allowing them to become uber-characters who can do all things well.

This is different from having multiple characters, in that each character has to be leveled and geared up independently of each other. And that is a pain, no question about it.

The cons against having a Multi-Specialization skill system are added complexity and data storage. It might warrant a zen cost to unlock that feature (or free for Gold?).

Do we need it? Not really, although it would also make it easier for players to test things out in different scenarios and provide Cryptic with feedback. Certain testers ought to get rewarded by the Devs with free respecs.

What might work even better than dual builds for the rest of us is some kind of customizable "skill kit" that players can swap out to boost the effectiveness of their skills in different roles.
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