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01-04-2013, 08:32 AM
Originally Posted by icerider1963 View Post
The post by generalkas stating that students will be expected to have read and use the Hilberts guide is a bad move. The current specs in the Hilberts guide off the STOAcademy skill planner have full points allotted to projectile weapons while none of the ship load-outs use projectiles of any type.
Maybe you have unlimited riches and don't mind respeccing into a fully optimised build everytime you change bridge officers or ships, but I think many players don't have that luxury.

The suggested spec in the THG allows a player to play basically any sensible escort or cruiser build in the game without respeccing. And the loss in effectiveness compared to a fully optimised build is miniscule.

(Also: The PVEscort build in the THG uses a torpedo.)

Therefore the spec includes torpedoes as well as flow capacitors (which are only needed for glider and other shield or power drains that are not part of the default builds of the guide).

The spec is something that allows you to experiment on your own without requiring you to waste resources on respecs. And at the same time it is perfectly viable for high-end premade pvp.