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B'rolth birds of prey versus Elite Scorpion fighters

I thought this might be interesting information. I've been looking forward to this showdown ever since I saw that the Romulan reputation line ended with ultraviolet hangar pets. So now I've got some and I logged a run on Infected Space Elite, comparing the performance of these two pets side by side. The absolute numbers are highly context-sensitive, for example the number of copies of Attack Pattern Beta in play on your team makes a big difference. But the *relative* performance comparison should be more robust.

First, B'rolths did about 2070 mission DPS. This is split into:
Energy weapons (dual cannons, turret, Rapid Fire 2): 580
Quantum torpedo launcher: 750
Quantum High Yield 2 salvos: 740

You can see that the B'rolths do the majority of their damage with their vicious torpedo runs (their quantum does around 10K damage per hit, and a high yield salvo is about 24K!), hence the necessity of summoning these pets as frequently as possible to reset their HY2 ability.

For the Scorpions... Well, some assumption is needed here, since the way combat logging works leads to somewhat incomplete data. The heavy torpedo hits only log the initial impact and the first tick of plasma damage, which makes them seem rather boring. However, Scorpion-launched heavy plasma torps DO apply a burn dot. I made the assumption that the burn lasts 10 seconds like regular plasma torpedoes, and added in the "missing" burn damage based on the magnitude of the first tick which did get logged.

Elite Scorpions did about 2170 mission DPS. This is split into:
Energy weapons (dual cannons, turret): 650
Plasma torpedo launcher: 570 (about 95 as shield-penetrating burn)
Plasma High Yield 1: 950 (about 130 as shield-penetrating burn)

Conclusions... Elite scorpions are competitive with, and generally slightly better than, B'rolth birds of prey. Their torpedoes lack the same degree of alphastrike however the fact that they are fighters and a fresh wave can be launched in mere seconds for a dedicated heavy carrier, means they get quite a number of hits in while BOPs are doing their demented circling and your hangar bay is on cooldown. Scorpion's high agility and greater numbers also meant somewhat more damage with energy weapons despite not having the B'rolth's rapid fire ability. B'rolths can take a few hits because they have about 33K hitpoints while Scorpions explode as soon as anything notices them, but again the fact that Scorpions can simply be spammed to replace their horrifying combat losses offsets this.

Unless you're an odd duck who runs your Vo'quv with minimal aux power and no flight deck officers to get your launch times down (so that the BOPs greater survivability matters), Elite Scorpions are probably your better choice.