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01-04-2013, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
you can roll Klingons and become one of those adorable gank squads in Ker'rat.
You may wish to see to the Feds then, as last week they where the ones ganking KDF players at the respawn and in the mission in Ker'rat.

It was great fun trying to break through them for a while but it became boring after a period of time.

Props, to CrimsonRose though for pointing out in chat that the feds where doing exactly what the KDF gets blaimed for constantly becuase we KDF players where taking it all in stride without complaint.

We happen to remember that Ker'rat is a PvP mission zone first and foremost over a being a farmzone and expecting to be left alone.
Originally Posted by staq16 View Post
The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.