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01-04-2013, 10:04 AM
Multiple characters doesn't equate. Most of the good gear requires a substantial amount of investment into Fleet holdings or Reputation to even get, and is character bound on pickup. If they allowed Fleet/Rep gear to be account bound, that might be different, but I find that very unlikely to happen.

This would be helpful all around. There is some discouragement to try different types of ships if you build your skill tree around a particular one. Maybe you intended to run an all cannon setup, but you really want to try that Borg console, cutting beam and Omega torpedo set. Well, you didn't spec into torpedoes at all, so you take a penalty for doing that. It forces us all to try to be as generic as possible if we don't want to be forced to respec just to try something new.

And yes, one or two free "build slots" per character would be a great Gold member benefit.