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01-04-2013, 09:08 AM
A few significant things come to mind:

Short Term

Make the Aegis set travel faster than warp 10! It costs 10 Million EC!!!

The popup box at the beginning of the challenge player is built for Federation play (in space at least), rather than Klingon

At battle group Omega, the Borg woman talks about marks of valour and exploration

Mid Term

Fix the Crew losses on the Vo'quv Carrier. Very few battles leave me with more than a quarter of my crew left, which hurts my hull repair rates.

Fix the Bird-Of-Prey AI. They have to be told to attack and re-launched continuously or they fly around either attacking with their turret or doing absolutely nothing.

For more information, see my Signature.

Fix the crew losses on a Vo'quv Carrier! Also the BOP AI!

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