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This ship, is the Old, RA level Advanced Escort. It's for people that don't have that initial Ferrari Budget that many of the older hands pvpers have. I will have the Ideal Gear, along with it's present gear listed, (same with Doffs) this ship is surprisingly still competitive even after 3 years. The position of two powers have changed and that's all since I made this ship way back in the day, plus the addition of Doffs and gear sets. Presently I have 0 Rep grinded.

Azn Rep Grind: (Ideal) Rommy T2:Crit Chance T4: I suspect the placate is going to get changed. I'd go Secondary Shielding, especially with all the plas torps in pvp right now.
Borg/Omega: T2 If you do alot of pugging the hull repair nanites. T4: Graviton Amplifier.

Advanced Escort.
Weapons: AccX2 CrtD XI Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannons X3 (want to upgrade to XIIs), XI CrtDX2 CrtH Quantum Torpedo.
3 AccX2 CrtD Tetryon Turrets. XI

Deflector: Borg
Engine: Borg
Shield: Maco Mk X (will be replaced with the Elite Fleet Shield once my guild unlocks it)


Eng: 1 MVAM Console. (optional. If you bought the mvam already might as well use it's console. If not then replace this with an Ablative Hull, or even better the + to crit chance Rommy Console. Honestly once I get there I'm probably going to drop the MVAM console entirely. The bug is -still- quicker, as is the defiant and bops even in MVAM beta command might as well crit them harder) 1 Borg.

Sci: Flow Cap or Particle Generator, 2 Field Generators
Tac 4 Tetryon Pulse Generators XI blues. (you know what the ideal is. XII purple)

Cmdr: APO3, CRF2, THY2, TT
Lt Cmdr: APD2, THY2, TT What? No second CRF? You'll see why.
LT Sci: Here's where the variables start. Primary attack mode. Polarize Hull1, TSS2
Ens Sci: Tractor Beam 1
Variant LT Sci. TSS1, Feedback Pulse 1. Ens sci PH. Variant 2: TSS1, TBR1. Ens Sci PH1. Variant 3: HE1, TSS2, Ens sci. TSS1.

DOFFS: 2 Energy weapon specialists. (cannon attack type) 2 Shield Distribution officers (right now all of these are Blue on my ship) 1 Torpedo officer purple.
Ideal Doffs: 2 Energy Weapon Specialists (purple), 2 Attack Pattern Doffs (purple), 1 Shield Distribution officer (purple)
Variant 2 Doffs. 2 Energy weapon Specialists, (cannons again) 2 SDOs, and Tractor Beam Officer, for Tractor beam repulsors. This gives your TBR a potent Engine Power Drain attack.

Between Tac Initiative, and the Cannon doffs you'd be amazed at just how many CRFs you can pump down range. My average up time for CRF2, is only 5 seconds off from perfect chaining, and as often as not, I can perfect chain it. This also lets me run HY2 which is by far the most effective of the HYs in the game. HY1 does not give you enough torpedoes to use effectively, and they can miss. HY3 has a far far too high opportunity cost, for a minimal gain in damage and an even smaller gain in Effective Damage.

If I ever get the Attack Pattern Doffs, this gives me perfect cycling of APO3s and APD2s 100 percent of the time barring the odd sub nuke. APD2 fits -perfectly- between the shared CD of APO as well. So presently you can fit it in for either yourself or a team mate, between the Shared CD when Tac Initiative is up.

Even premade v premade I've found people can live through the quad DHC setup because at the end of the day the damage is still coming in piecemeal. It's much harder for a healer to have the Twitch necessary to help someone survive 3 6k Torpedoes (average damage. Realistically one of those is going to crit for 15k or more if they are fired properly).

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