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I agree, Nebulae have been used too often. As have asteroid fields.

The problem is that empty, black space is pretty boring, and removes any sense of movement. As annoying as the asteroid fields and in map nebulae may be, they give you clues as to your position relative to other things/players/mobs in the map.

In general, colored space has been the trend for a good while now. Shows/Movies used to depict space as a dark, black nothing. Then, someone got the bright idea to make it more visually interesting, and now everyone has followed suit. That "colored space" has never really been explained, or given a name. To a lay person, the only thing they've seen from REAL space, that looks anything like that are Nebulae, therefor: Colored Space=Nebulae.

As for "hiding in the nebula," that line has been used on the shows plenty.

If we're trying to be more realistic, than any system map that doesn't have a dominant star (sun), should leave your ship dark and unlit. But the shows never cared about that, every ship was always lit from somewhere off screen, no matter where they were supposed to be.

At this point, we aren't going to go back and redo the skyfiles and geometry for 1000's of maps. A few could be targeted, and we can work on reducing the nebulae/asteroids in future maps (I think this has already been going fairly well with recent additions? i.e. Tau Dewa, and the Azure nebula)

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On top of all of this, there's tons of crap in outer space that's visually interesting. Use that instead! Binary Stars, Star Clusters, Auroras, comets, newly formed star systems, gas giants, super novae, stars so huge it takes light eight hours for it's own light to travel from one side to the other, even honest to god lightning bolts.

For goodness sake Cryptic! Space is full of insane madness. There's enough stuff in outer space for thousands of video games! Shame on you for ignoring it!

Many of those things are in the game somewhere already. But, they may not be as prominent or noticeable as the nebulae are. Nebulae were likely used so ubiquitously early on because they didn't have time to make custom one off stuff for each of those 1000+ maps. Now, we still don't have a ton of time, but we can do cooler stuff once in a while. You talk about how everything is always the same. I point to New Romulus, which has MASSIVE Auroras, that no one has mentioned. . . We have, and we will continue to add other cool space bits where we can, but we cannot retroactively do those everywhere in the game that already exists.

ETA: The current DS9 Skyfile was made by me. I actually thought that the purple streak was WAY more subtle than anything that had been there before, or any of the other nebulae in the game at the time. I used the stars I did (few, and dim) to try and emphasize the 'blackness' of space, and what we had always seen in the show.
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