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01-04-2013, 10:41 AM
It's very much a tactical ship, though the Boff layout makes it most comparable to the MVAE. The universal ensign is nice if you don't want to run torpedoes though, it allows for swapping that to another Eng or Sci skill. Compared to the MVAE, it has a bit less turn and inertia (13 vs 15 and 50 vs 70). For reference, the Chimera's turn is 14, so this is even slightly less agile than that. The loss of maneuverability may or may not be an issue in bringing dual cannons to bear. I had a bit of trouble keeping up with my friend's Defiant (obviously) when trying the ship out in PvP, but I expect PvE wouldn't be a problem. It'd be great at taking on large, mostly stationary capital ships and tanking their return fire better than a typical escort. Compared to Battle Cruisers on the Klingon side, the maneuverability is actually better and the Boff setup more favoring of Tactical.

So, while this is a unique ship, it's probably not worth getting super upset over if you missed it. It's something between a Battle Cruiser and a heavier escort, with a slight Science leaning similar to the MVAE. And, like others said, there was ample opportunity. I'm honestly surprised so many people missed it considering how little you really had to do to get it. I figured holiday travel would interfere with some, but even a busy work schedule shouldn't have been a problem if you really wanted to get it.