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01-04-2013, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
Yes, it is easy to prove that there are no tactical console diminishing returns. Just plot the damage curve as you add / remove consoles!


Don't take my word for it... you can plot your own numbers from the game and see for yourself!

EDIT: To the Forum Mods -- is there any way to sticky this info so that the answer doesn't keep getting forgotten?
Great rundown.. one thing you showed that I'd like to point out for everyone: even the FIRST +28.1% console only added roughly 8% observable DPS, and that's because it's +28.1% to base damage, whereas tooltip damage takes into account skills.

Think of it like this: Damage=Base Damage*(Skill%Increase+Console1+Console2+...)

The important things to know are:
1. any old +X% increase item/skill/ability you are considering will add much less than you think to your current DPS
2. these items that add much less than you think are still adding their full value (i.e. you get just as much more DPS from console 1 and console 3)