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01-04-2013, 09:51 AM
I have equiped an Odyssey with plasma everything, rom beam accx2 times 4, 1 rom dbb accx2,1 regular mk xii accx2 critd plasma beam (waiting on proto beam to replace that one), rom hyper torp, omega torp. To keep everything burning nice and hot, plasme energy tac console mk xii blue, 2 mk xi embassy particle gen and zero point console. I haven't taken the time to do combatlog yet but that set up rocks in pve. At a point where I have to be careful not to over shoot on gen in infected for instance, plasma proc from everything just stack real quick. Oh and forgot, I have reman mk xi set on it. The synergy from everything together makes them quite effective. By the way, I also use EWP and it gain a lot of bite with the rest. Also disruptor proc is real nice too, like an apb1 for free

I must say romulan hyper torp with 3 projectiles doffs is something to see, not so much much damage from the hit but the proc stack is mean, meaner still when you enhance plasma fire and there is just so many of them flying around. specially with ts3-ts2 going constantly.

In pvp, I wouldn't say for sure since I don't do pvp, but while you can clear plasma fire, once HE is over, you'll get on fire again sooner rather than later, so again, disruptor proc and constant eating at the hull from plasma fire will take its toll. But I would let that part of the debate to the pvp expert.

For PvE they are really effective if you spec right for it.
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