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CSE is easy as hell, you just need a decent build (I think the base stf build should be one that can defend the kang, without any problem), and a team that is not full of people, who cant tell their ship's front from its aft.

HSE is a bit different. I cant say it is hard. it is harder than the other stfs, however the real problem is the way it was hardened. the enemies are just plain cheating, shooting oneshot kills every few seconds. most of these can be handled, but the rate they fire it, is just high enough, to make me complain about it (and high enough to make people cry about it being hard).
Huh, played a run of Hive Elite that lasted nearly two hours last night. What I noticed was thus;

Phase 1: the Tac Cubes used focus-fire, just like a good PvP team, and unlike the older STF's, they didn't just chase the guys with Threat Con or high DPS numbers-I was running an Intrepid R (two tac slots) on an engie (not optimal)-and they CHASED ME.

Phase 2: Science powers were in use by the Unimatrix ships-RSP, hazards, tyken's rift. Yeah, the BORG were popping Tyken's.

Phase 3: the Borg Queen bounced around the list of science powers and console powers-aceton assimilators, Tyken's rift, energy drain, RSP, Feedback Pulse, tachyon beam/shield drains and such-and again, she would pursue a target hittiing them with de-buffs before dropping a large spread or high yeild on them. she also used placates...a lot.
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