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01-04-2013, 10:11 AM
I had this problem twice now.

The first time it lasted about a day and then just took care of itself. I had tried several things like removing power from the router, turning off protection software and firewall, etc. I had finally given up and gone to bed. The next day it was working again, so I just assumed that it had been a problem on the other end of the connection.

Yesterday it happened again. I tried many of the same things, gave up and went to bed, but this time I still couldn't connect when I woke up. In the USA a lot of people with cable modem rent their routers. I rent mine from my provider. The set up in my home has two routers, actually. One is wireless and one is direct cable. I usually have my gaming PC hooked to the direct router. Out of desperation I switched it to the wireless router.

That seems to have worked. I can now log in to the game. This whole problem might be a router issue. I use Charter Cable, the router that stopped working for this game (but would still work for the rest of the internet) was a Touchstone Telephony Modem, and the wireless router that now lets me connect to the launcher is made by Ubee.

I hope that helps somebody else troubleshoot their issue.