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01-04-2013, 10:58 AM
I've played many STFs over the past week and the half. Let me tell you all the ways you can die by instant kill.

Heavy plasma torpedo: yeah, we all know this one. What still shocks me even though it's happened several times is how I can instantly die by nothing (invisible torpedo).

ISE spheres: I have no idea how, but a few times I have gotten instant or near-instant killed in ISE when I'm out of range from the gate.

Donatra: Instant kill if there ever was. I found out she can decide to only stay cloaked for a few seconds. I was in a KASE and someone got too close so she cloaked. Donatra had actually been slowly chasing me, so I stopped my ship and started typing. "I've never been chased by donatra before... crap." A few seconds after cloaking, she decloaked, green lines streaming. I was in the middle of typing and she was directly facing me, seconds from firing. I couldn't react in time and pull off a subspace jump.

Isometric charge: yeah, another one most of us have been on the wrong end of.

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