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01-04-2013, 12:09 PM
1 - DOFF on 9 - 12 toons
2 - check reputations projects
3 - check fleet projects
4 - do an STF or some Romulan Marks on the toon which is being "reputated"
5 - PVP
6 - accolade hunting on my main

in the last 3 days i've been equipping my BOFFs for the foundry mission. you know which one.

yeah, very funny thing happened -
i took the SAME 4 BOFFs (the Reman sci, Jem'Hadar tac, the preorder Borg engineer, one more Alien tac)

i equipped them with the same Very Rare MK XII equipment

trained them the SAME skills

this all on 3 toons - one tac, one sci, one engi


so the funny thing is = the sci's and tac's BOFFs handle the Boff Grinder just well.
No deaths, everything fine.

The engi's team keeps dying over and over and i have to save them, as the Borg Boff refuses to use his 4th skill = medical generator.

And yes, i've tried to use another engineering Boff, also nothing..

anybody knows a solution?

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