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01-04-2013, 11:37 AM
I'm not able to post a response yet off of the link you provided, so I figured I'd put my two cents here.

I'm on my second foundry mission and I'm already running into quite a few obstacles due to some of the limitations. With that in mind, I am all for all of us getting together with like-minded authors to put together a list of things we would love to see once the Foundry pulls out of the beta phase.

Now, as far as the grand convergence of a bunch of authors to do a series, it's a great idea as far as putting great talent together to tell a story. I think, though, before we focus on such a thing, we would all need to get a particular vibe going. Everyone writes differently, and we all have different techniques and opinions on how to present things.

That said, maybe what we should do first is show each other our "tricks of the trade". I don't mean just a tutorial of "how-to's". More like fine-tuning the rhythm of a symphony orchestra, or the go-to play for an NFL team. For all the authors who are interested in creating fun and engaging content for others, it would be beneficial to everyone interested if we all knew what the other likes to do the most, and put our individual techniques on the table, with the goal of finding the easiest and best way of doing one thing. Thus, eventually we will find that groove we would need to get a group project going. Since we are all writing on individual accounts, this to me is the only way for a group series to maintain consistency and plausibility.

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