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01-04-2013, 11:38 AM
The damage boost flight deck officers only boost damage in attack mode. There are flight deck officers that boost accuracy in intercept mode and ones that boost defence in recall mode.

Best of all are the ones that lower your launch,cool downs, because when you launch a pet it starts with nothing on cool down so you can use its abilities and projectiles more often.

High AUX also decreases your launch cool down.

Powers like Tactical Fleet should also buff your fighters, same with fire on my mark, and,tactical initiative.

Also according to sto wiki certain skills buff pets, driver coils, flow capacitors, starship weapons, projectile weapons, and hull repair all boost attributes of my Orion Slavers and I imagine many these skills will do the same for your BoP.

Of course the best way to buff your pet is to upgrade to advance version, which I guess if,your using the B'rothl's would be Ultra Rare fleet BoPs. You need to be in a fleet with a tier 5 communications array to get them.