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# 1 My upcoming Plasma Fleet Norgh
01-04-2013, 12:13 PM
Hi, I just felt like adding my upcoming plasma norgh that is basicly for fun purposes, showing around

Fleet Norgh Bird of Prey

Fore Weapons: [Romulan Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Acc]x2] x4
Aft Weapons: [Romulan Plasma Torpedo] [Romulan Experimental Beam Array]

Deflector: Romulan Advanced Deflector
Engine: Romulan Advanced Engine
Shield: Romulan Advanced Shield

Devices: [Engine Battery] [Subspace Modulator]

Engineering Consoles: [Neutronium Allow Mk XI] [Romulan Console] [Borg Console]
Science Consoles: [Isometric Charge] [Plasmonic Leech] [Particle Generators Mk XI]
Tactical Consoles: [Plasma Energy Damage Consoles Mk XI]

Doffs: 3x Attack Pattern Doffs. 1x Emergency Power Cooldown Reduction Doff. 1x Shield Distribution Doff.

Boff Stations:

1. tt1 crf1 apo1 crf3

2. epts1 atd1 atd2

3. epte1 rsp1 ewp1

4. ph1 he2
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