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# 1 Hive Ground cutscene
01-04-2013, 12:14 PM
My apologies if this is a repeat, a quick search didn't pop up any other threads with this request.

Is there any way to modify the mid-boss cutscene in Into the Hive so the entire team doesn't die 50% of the time? I've been in multiple runs where one or two team members were down when the boss keeled over, and while we were all frozen in place the remaining team members got fried by the shock floor tiles, forcing a reset. The cutscenes are all well and good, but can you at least pause the environmental hazards while everyone is locked in place and can't see them coming, much less dodge?

That said, any advice for getting through this part of the fight as-is? I like the mission, but I'm getting sick of playing it since the boss fight can drag on for fifteen minutes with a run of bad luck.