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01-04-2013, 12:43 PM
While I like dual spec in other games I don't think specs at all make much sense in STO.

You choose the type of play you're going to be involved in by choosing your ship, its weapons and what bridge officer layout you have. You then make the same choices but in a different UI when you spec. It's somewhat silly.

The idea of dual spec is that you can fill multiple roles with different sets of abilities and different gear. Well.... you already choose different abilities and different gear in STO, so I'm not seeing how specs at all add a whole lot to the gameplay. They just limit player freedom, which would make dual spec an improvement, but not actually a solution to the problem.

But of course it's easy enough to level characters than you can have a decently setup tank character, healer character dps character etc. Though still, it would be nice if tanking crusier captains had an easy way to hop into a fast manouvreable ship to do daily solo stuff at least.