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01-04-2013, 12:56 PM
For new sectors, how about placing one or maybe two nebula in the sector, and adjust the view of those nebula based on how far away the star system is from each? Ie, in Tau Dewa Acemar has the Azure Nebula spanning 1/3 of the skybox, while at Archer, it is only a few degrees wide.

Instead of giant amorphous nebula, have some specific nebula types (and possible mission ideas) such as:

Planetary nebula (old sun-like star turning in to a white dwarf) -
Select Image for Planetary Nebula for a set of typical images
Mission ideas - Considering they are very aged star systems, potential recovery of ancient alien artifacts, with competition from various factions.

Supernova nebula (remnants of a large star that blew up) - - about 1,000 years old - ~7,000 years old
Mission Ideas - Supernova research, collecting heavy elements, extreme particles (new weapons or shield research/testing)

Stellar nursery (new stars being born, Herbig Haro objects)
Mission ideas - Science analysis of starbirth, very young planets, mineral development (Nukara could be such a place)

Now, considering we can fly faster than light, we could "go back" in time by visiting locations further away from an event, such as a supernova (ie Romulus blowing up). Systems further away in LY than the time of the event would not see anything special. Systems at the same LY as the time of the event would see the supernova. Systems closer in LY as the time of the event would see the post-supernova nebula.

Considering sectors are at most a few dozen light years across, large old structures like these would be essentially the same from all locations, adjusted for distance (and possibly perspective).

Smaller nebula structures would be limited to a single system, and could be part of the above, ie core of recent supernova would be a neutron star with high speed rotation and jets (extreme environment testing), up close with a Herbig Haro object would be a star system filled with dust and asteroids.

I grant a free license to use any and all of the above ideas.