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01-04-2013, 12:58 PM
This would be perfect if it was an app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch instead of a browser thing because I am already finding faults and flaws with it on my iPad!

Here is my major problem that I am having:

I have already tried using it on my iPad and pinned a copy of it to my Home Screen but that didn't workout the way it should because it wants me to register my iPad's browser again which is actually really stupid to do when it's already been registered. So what can I do or is this just another Technical Issue because now I have two One Time Codes for the same iPad and I am not going to use the second one when I have already used the first one for my iPad after all why should I use two codes for the same device?

Also the ability to access the game and play it would be good for the tablet PC platform or iPads, iPhones and for iPod Touch! This really needs to be worked on and have more thought put into how it works! I would bet that everyone that plays Star Trek Online, has a tablet PC, Smart Phone that uses apps (Android and iPhone) as well as those who have iPads (or other bigger tablet brands) would really love to be able to play the game on these systems/devices well on the go and away from their computer. Especially those who have problems accessing the game on their computers.