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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Have you looked on the exchange recently? I will use that as a comparison to what you're talking about and to help iterate my point.

Neutronium Alloy mk XI gives a 17.5 increase to all defense. Neutronium Alloy mk XII gives and 18.8 increase, and a Neutronium Alloy mk XII gives an increase of 20.

Now when you actually look at the in game defense values, in reality that defense increase of 17.5-18.8-20 only gives about 0.75-1% defense bonus per increase per console. Miniscule at best. But look at the average exchange prices.

Neutronium Alloy mk XI: 250k ECs
Neutronium Alloy mk XII: 4.4 million ECs
Neutronium Alloy mk XII: 35 million ECs

So... we have a puny increase in effectiveness (~1%), but a massive, over 8-10x increase in cost.

Now let's look at mk X to mk XI to mk XII sets. Same thing. You have only a TINY increase in performance (5% at best), but a huge hike in costs. But guess what, we already did that to ourselves. And that's how it's always been. Take your vendors for example. They sell you a mk I phaser beam array for what, 500? And yet if you look at it's stats, it's just under half as powerful as your standard mk XII phaser beam array, whose value is listed at over 11k. That's not a +100% cost increase for the +100% effectiveness, that's actually closer to +1900% increase in cost for the +100% effectiveness.

That's how prices have always been. If you want things that have that small increase in power, then you have to pay for it. We already do that to ourselves with the market we control (the exchange), so Cryptic is just continuing that trend.
well there are many uncommon duty officers that cost less, than their common counterparts. so with your logic, I could argue that the higher lvl gear should be cheaper.

also, since EC is not timegated, and easy to get, those prices are somewhat real (and driven by market), however these prices are just there to take our dilithium away, so the dil/zen rate is low. now there is nothing wrong with that, as long as we are getting something. but if the upgrade is not worth it, why bother. it is their interest, to make us purchase these items, but at this point, there is minor increase in usefulness (minor as in even smaller than the usual upgrades you can get on items, that are out there, and not tied to rep system)

edit: also what you picked is a uniqe (aka useful) item, and its price is high. there are many items which are cheap even at mk xii very rare