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Originally Posted by age03 View Post
It is not fine as I never get any maybe 1 or 2 .It is not like my KDF char as they get lots.

This is meant for devs and why is it you are always the one to reply.
Um... did you even read my post? I told you all the effective espionage missions. And they are usually under your military and security tab. And there are plenty of espionage missions. The easiest and most common ones are the "Infiltrate Orion Syndicate" which can be easily done with 2 whites, and then all the resolve missions like "Interrogation Resistance Program" and "Telepathic Resistance Program". Both are VERY common. And then you have "Uncover Intelligence Leak", another common 20 hour one that can get you prisoners, and then a personal favorite of mine, "Debrief Prisoner", which is VERY easy to accomplish, and if you crit gets you contraband. So that's 5 commonly found ones. To say nothing of the plethora of others I no doubt can't remember at this point in time, or cannot be bothered to care since I got it maxed in under 3 weeks (and by maxed, I mean hit the 150k cap).

I don't think you're looking hard enough for those missions. If you just hop out into sector space and expect all of them to be waiting for you, you're doing it wrong. And if you want a good set of espionage, I would recommend the Eta Eridani Sector block and the Cardassian Sector blocks. Those always have good ones.
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